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Getting rid of that payday loan has never been so easy!

At Fundshine, we understand that simple is better. Here is information that can help you navigate through the process.
  • Fundshine is a financial services company that helps consumers escape the debt trap of high interest payday loans. We offer a simple and convenient process to refinance these loans and convert them into more affordable and manageable revolving lines of credit. Our solution not only saves our customers money, but helps them achieve financial stability.

  • Through Fundshine’s innovative process we are the first company to refinance payday loans by converting them into revolving lines of credit and having the customer pay back the loan to us at a fraction of the cost of the original loan.

  • Not a problem. Fundshine doesn’t use credit scores in its approval process. We focus on your employment stability and ability to pay our minimum payments.

  • You verify your employment through your payroll provider and your bank statement through your bank, all managed in a simple process that takes a few minutes and provides an instant decision.

  • Once you click “apply now” we take you through a quick and easy process to determine eligibility within seconds.

  • We set the maximum payoff amount based on your employment stability and income. Once we set the maximum payoff amount, it can be split between multiple loans.

  • Our approval decision is based primarily on your employment stability, income stability, and overall cash flow (based on your bank statements).  We do not use credit scores in this process.

  • To become a new Fundshine customer, we will need to payoff an existing payday loan. Once you are a customer, you will have access to a Fundshine revolving line of credit and will be able to draw cash from your available credit balance.

  • The Fundshine revolving line of credit is very similar to a credit card. You have a credit limit, an outstanding balance, available credit, and a minimum payment, just like a credit card. The difference is that you are not issued a card. When you need cash, you request it in your Fundshine account and it is transferred to your chosen bank account.

  • Fundshine is currently providing its services to residents of select states in the United States but will keep our community posted for when we do expand outside the US. Join our wait list if you’d like availability information sent directly to you.

  • The only fee you pay is Interest.  There are NO hidden fees like service fees, transfer fees. Fundshine doesn’t even charge late fees.

  • Fundshine offers its customers a personal line of credit that they can access and utilize for any and all expenses.

  • A credit line, often referred to as a revolving line of credit, is a flexible form of financing that allows borrowers to access funds up to a predetermined credit limit. A personal loan provides borrowers with a lump sum of money upfront. Borrowers repay the loan amount in fixed monthly installments over a specified period.

Fundshine is now available for residents of select states

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