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The AI-powered growth engine for Credit Unions

The OptiFlow Platform

Surface upsell and cross-sell opportunities with an AI-powered analysis of member cash flow.

Measure your share of wallet with a 360-degree view of your members' finances (for members using FlowWise).

Track the improvements in your members’ cash flow and financial wellness.


Improve your member’s financial wellness with the AI-powered coach that delivers education and behavior change cues.

Increase member engagement with this highly interactive chat-based coaching tool.

Deliver upsell and cross-sell messages to your members, personalized for their financial goals.


Expand your credit offerings with cash flow-based underwriting layered onto your traditional underwriting.

Improve member satisfaction and loss rate with AI-powered dynamic repayments that match the monthly payment schedule to the member’s cash flow.

Perfect for debt consolidation and credit card offerings.

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